Calming Dog Donut Beds

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✔ Super smooth fabric.
✔ Perfect Birthday gift.
✔ Easy to clean in a washing machine.

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If you need a calming bed that is sturdy and well made along with it still being soft and cozy, this is the one. They are so beautifully fluffy, stretchy, and bendy, dogs love them.

There is a lot of padding which is very evenly distributed, unlike other beds. They are also much more doughnut-shaped than others. Dogs can move and stretch about no problem. Soft and snug. Doesn't take up loads of space.

Our donut dog bed, designing for dogs/cats who love to curl up. Soft and comfy dog bed, they can snuggle in and feel secure. This round dog bed is just a warm and cozy winter gift, it keeps the puppy warm and snug.

  • The cozy, furry, and soft plush is reminiscent of a mother's fur coat.
  • Creates a sense of security for better sleep, promoting better health and behavior.
  • Classic Orthopedic shape pet bed, very durable practical for long time use.
  • It's completely machine washable for your convenience.

Al Petcino


XS 40cm, S 50cm, M 60cm, L 70cm, XL 80cm, 2XL 100cm


white, pink, brown, blue, black, lightgrey, darkgrey



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